Matt Salmon was elected to represent the constituents of Arizona's 5th Congressional District in November of 2012.
Having first been elected to Congress in 1994 and serving until 2000 when he stepped away to honor his term limit pledge,
this is Matt's second stint serving the people of Arizona in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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  • /salmonforcongress - Friends, just a couple weeks ago, I stood my ground on the House floor and voted against President Obama's plan to increase our national debt once again without any serious efforts to cut government spending. Now I'm being attacked by big-spending liberals who want me out of office because they believe Congress should always give Obama the authority to raise our debt with no strings attached. With America facing a debt of over $18.5 trillion, this is unacceptable! I will never vote to increase our national debt until we finally get serious about slashing our government's bloated budgets. Your support is critical to getting our government's spending addiction in order. Will you consider a small contribution to my campaign today? Donate here: or click the "Donate" tab above on my Facebook page. Whatever you can afford will go a long way towards ensuring my campaign has the necessary resources to be victorious. Thank you for all you do to get our country back on the right path. Matt
  • /salmonforcongress - Please take a moment to read my op-ed on ISIS and Syrian refugees. Read my op-ed here:
  • /salmonforcongress - Keeping America safe and secure is our primary duty as elected officials. That is why I voted in favor of the American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act (H.R. 4038) today. With alarming gaps in our screening process for refugees, we needed to act to ensure our homeland is protected. This legislation is a good start to addressing President Obama's irresponsible directive to admit thousands of refugees to the country. The bill mandates that federal agencies implement a comprehensive plan to improve the vetting process for refugees coming to the U.S. In turbulent times, we must always do what is safest for Americans and I believe this bill is a step in the right direction.
  • /salmonforcongress - In the wake of last week's terrorist attacks in Paris, the protection of our homeland needs to be the most pressing priority for all elected officials. Amazingly, Obama intends to continue his plan to grant asylum to over 10,000 refugees from Syria, the hotbed of ISIS activity in the Middle East, without any credible plan to accurately vet them. If this happens, our government would be committing national security malpractice. I have yet to receive a briefing that I requested over two months ago from Homeland Security concerning the vetting process for potential refugees. And, even our own FBI Director has admitted that there are "gaps in the system" of our vetting process. This is unacceptable! Even one gap in this process could end with a terrorist attack in America. Not only will I oppose this dangerous plan from Obama, but I will exercise every tool as a member of Congress to stop it before it happens.

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