On The Issues


Fiscal Responsibility

America's economy is facing daunting challenges. For over a decade, Washington politicians have failed to live within their means, turning a budget surplus of over $230 billion into a $1.6 trillion deficit. 

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Growth & Prosperity

For too long, Washington politicians have stymied economic growth with policies that have increased taxes and regulation on businesses and job creators. These policies have resulted in a national debt that is now over $15 trillion, an unemployment rate that remains above 9% and damaging levels of uncertainty within our financial
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Securing Our Borders

It is the duty of our federal government to protect and secure our national borders. Yet, as the constant threat of terrorism and increased drug cartel violence intensifies, millions of unidentified persons continue to cross our borders illegally, posing grave risks to the sovereignty of the United States and the security of its people. 
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Health Care Reform

As our deficit and national debt figures continue to explode at alarming rates, so too do health care costs. Despite having some of the finest physicians, hospitals and medical centers in the world, America remains a nation with too many of its citizens unable to access affordable health care or who choose to forgo health
insurance all together. 
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Educating Our Future

In a world where global economic competition is rapidly increasing, providing a top-level education for our children is more vital than ever. However, despite spending more money on education than any other nation in the world, America's public school system does not perform at the top of global education rankings. 
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Protecting Life & Liberty

Our nation's founders understood the importance of planting the ideals of life, liberty and justice in our Constitution and in our culture. Sadly, the presence of these ideals in our nation is less evident than ever before, with efforts by politicians and interest groups to diminish the sanctity of life and prohibit the constitutional right to
bear arms. 
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