Energy Independence
When addressing our nation's energy needs, I have and will continue to advance an "all-of-the-above" solution. I believe it is critical that we, as a nation, take a diversified, market-based approach to meet our energy demands and create an energy independent America. Read More

Fiscal Responsibility
Getting our nation's financial house in order must be a top priority for all members of Congress. With our national debt approaching $18 trillion, it is critical that we make serious and immediate changes to how Washington spends our money. Read More

Growing Economy & Jobs
As our economy continues to struggle and millions continue to look for employment, I remain committed to removing the shackles that government places on free enterprise and entrepreneurship. Read More

Border Security
We are a nation of immigrants and a nation that respects the rule of law. That is why we cannot reward law breakers at the expense of those who have been waiting patiently in the proper legal channels for citizenship in our great country. Read More

Second Amendment
The Second Amendment exists as a bulwark against those who would deprive the American citizen of his life, his liberty, or his property. This is the essence of the Second Amendment. Read More

Protecting Civil Liberties
I believe that our Fourth Amendment right to privacy is just as important as all of our other constitutional rights and I will not sit idly by as the Administration continues to attack our individual liberties. Read More

Educating Our Future
The future of our nation relies on a globally competitive workforce. That workforce begins in every classroom across America. As a result, the focus must be on providing every student with a high quality education that prepares them for the future. We cannot accomplish that through one-size-fits all polices from Washington, DC. Read More

Health Care Reform
Almost every American agrees that our health care system needs serious reform. Unfortunately, rather than address this problem using free-market principles, the Obama administration gave us the Affordable Care Act, which has fundamentally altered health care in our nation. Sadly, we are just beginning to see the consequences of this deeply flawed law. Read More

Protecting Life
Human life is a precious gift bestowed on us by God and that gift must be protected. I support pro-life principles that protect the most vulnerable amongst us and ensure that every life is celebrated as the miracle it is. Read More

National Security
Our military men and women represent the very best of America. The strength of our national security is derived from our soldiers' dedication, professionalism and their willingness to sacrifice it all to protect and defend freedom and liberty. Read More

Throughout their military careers, service members and their families sacrificed to protect our freedoms; we must honor those sacrifices by keeping the promises we made to provide them with the best services our nation can offer. Read More